Chipapo Adventure

When: Fall 2018                                             Team Size: 4                                         Role: Producer, Content Editor                                      

Chipapo Adventure is a location-based experience design project for 2018 Walt Disney Imaginations competitions. I was lucky to work with three other fantastic teammates for this project and it is selected as one of the semifinalists. My role in this project is the producer and content editor.

Project Challenge

The world is full of Natural and Ancient wonders that are difficult to enjoy and explore either because they are remote, inhospitable, or have disappeared from time.

In what ways can you create an experience that explores and shares these Wonders safely for a wide range of guests, at or near the original presumed location?


Are you looking for a weekend getaway? Do you want to experience the spectacular scenery of Victoria Falls with only a few hours’ drives? Here, we present Chipapo Adventure, an adventure park which not only presents the fascinating landscape of Victoria Falls to the visitors but also brings the story and culture to the people who are attracted by this marvel.


Victoria Falls is the largest curtain of water in the world. It is more than two kilometers wide, forming the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. While the water is rushing into the basalt gorge, the mist of the waterfall forms the rainbow, which can still be seen more than 10 miles away. Even though Victoria Falls is ranked as one of the most stunning natural wonders to experience, not everyone gets a chance to visit it in person. Chipapo Adventure could be your alternative destination.


Chipapo means miracle in Chibemba, a major Bantu language spoken in Zambia. 150 year ago, when the Scottish explorer David Livingstone first saw the waterfall, he named it in honor of Queen Victoria; 150 years later, we named it Chipapo, to treat it as a unique natural treasure in Africa. Throughout the adventure, visitors will experience the magnificence of Victoria Falls, while undergoing an immersive journey to understand the beautiful legend. With thrilling recreational activities and welcoming service facilities, Chipapo will provide guests a joyful and family-friendly experience, that brings the beauty of Victoria Falls right to the heart of the people.


One day, as David Livingstone’s friends, a group of visitors are invited to Chipapo for adventure. On their way to find David, they explore the Devil’s pool but can not find any of his clues. They have to get on a boat and drift downstream to seek further. The boat leads them to a small village. The visitors get off the boat and continue searching for David. They walk around the village and fortunately, encounter with David at the end of the village. David welcomes them warmly and leads his friends inside the temple. Inside the temple, David introduces Zimbabwean tradition and culture by showing the wall paintings to them.


However, while walking deeper into the temple, visitors and David don’t realize they have intruded into the native people’s annual festival. The native people zealously invite them to join their festival, dancing, and singing to honor the treasure of nature. When the festival is over, the visitors, together with David, leave the temple and can not believe what they see in front of them. A group of beautiful fairies, hidden in the deep canyon of the Zambezi River, that fly over their head. The fairies’ graceful dance steps splash a variety of water and swell the sky. The rainbow that travels through the waterfall is the most splendid, the most elaborate, and the longest seven-color light.

Guest Experience

The goal of Chipapo Adventure is to present the beauty of Victoria Falls in front of guests while providing exciting recreational activities beyond its original constructions.


Immersive: Throughout the adventure, guests will walk through a fully immersive story starting as they enter the territory of Chipapo Adventure, explore the local lifestyle, and finally join the traditional festival by coincidence at the end. Besides experiencing the landscape and local culture, guests can also be fully involved within the projection of the actual Victoria Falls with 8K and glass-free 3D display technology.


Appealing: By imitating the spectacular scenery of Victoria Falls with advanced audio, light and shadow technologies, Chipapo Adventure is appealing not only in vision but also in perception. With energy-saving and eco-friendly water system, we successfully bring this gigantic project in a feasible way.


Family-friendly: With fully-equipped recreational and service facilities, Chipapo Adventure is your best choice for a weekend getaway. You can rest in the Devil’s pool, enjoy drifting with your children and have a unique theatrical experience inside the temple. After having a memorable occasion with families and friends, guests cannot wait to come back again.

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