Unfathomed Voyager

When: November 2018 (3 weeks)


Where: Entertainment Technology Center


Team Size: 4


Role: Game Designer, Producer & Sound Designer


Platform: Phidgets 


Genre: co-op game


Description: 3 players are going to explore the deep ocean creatures and to help the old oceanographer to catch the blobfish. Each player has different control panels and will receive different instructions that may or may not belong to their own control panel. They need to cooperate with each other in order to complete the mission.

Game Design

The Unfathomed Voyager was my Round 5 in Building Virtual World (BVW). After exploring AR and VR worlds in previous 4 rounds, we decided to abandon the heavy VR/AR gaggle and make a game out of phidgets, which are building-blocks for sensing and control using a computer. We found out that it is usually fun to play games that make a lot of noises and to force the players to communicate so we decided that our main game-play mechanism would be reading the instructions on the monitor and telling your teammates what you see. We designed 3 different control panels that each have 4-5 different phidgets with their related names, in the total of 16 phidgets that represent 16 control buttons. We laser-cut the panel and place the phidgets stabled inside. Each player has their own game-play interface and there is also an audience screen for the audience to figure out what is going on in the game. Our game was in the BVW 2018 Festival and we decorated the physical installations according to our art style. 



I was the producer in this game. We only had 3 weeks from scratch to the final product. I designed the schedule for each teammate and kept our progress on pace. I coordinated the daily stand-up meeting, arranged weekly meetings with instructors, gave summary from their feedback on time and arranged any thrifting matters we needed. I made sure everything is in progress and everyone is clear about our progress.


Sound Design

I composed and edited all the background music and sound effects inside the game.



Game-play Video



BVW 2018 Festival