Wacky Safari

When: September 2018 (2 weeks)                            Where: Entertainment Technology Center               Team Size: 5


Role: Game Designer, Producer & Sound Designer           Platform: HTC Vive                                            Genre: Single player



Description: 'Wacky Safari' is a seated VR experience built for the HTC Vive. For this Round of BVW, we were prompted to design and build a virtual world, the traversal of which required no instructions whatsoever even for the most naive of guests. The world was also required to deliver a strong feeling of freedom to the guest. 

The experience has the guest seated in a futuristic vehicle that transports him through a safari park. The only thing handed to the guest is a camera and he can take pictures of the many wacky animals he sees on his trip. The animals react to their pictures being taken in funny and unusual ways. 



Game Design: We decided on a seated experience very early on in the team discussions and the dire need to make use of virtual interactions that translated almost exactly to the physical world; our goal was always to cater to guests with absolutely 0 familiarity with AR/VR. For this very reason, we were firm on wanting to eliminate (direct) use of the Vive controller. 
Once we had set ground rules and decided on elements we wanted our world to have, we talked about theming and settled on the safari park idea. It allowed us to limit interactions to taking pictures using a camera prop. We made sure the size and layout of the prop translated exactly from the physical world to the virtual. We also, quite fairly, assumed that almost all guests will be familiar with how a normal camera is operated. This was strongly reimposed during our playtests. 

Throughout playtests, guests felt confident using the camera and this reinforced in them a strong feeling of freedom as they took pictures at the will of whatever they wanted. For our final presentation, we were to take a naive guest through our experience. After, the guest very enthusiastically rated our world a 10/10 for freedom. 

This game was exhibited in BVW 2018 Festival and turned out to be very popular among naive guests.





I was the co-producer in this game. I cooperated with the other producer and arranged the daily team meeting, weekly meeting with instructors and invited navie guests to come and playtested our game.



Sound Design

I composed and edited all the background music and sound effects inside the game.