10 minute fitness app

When: August 2018 (4 weeks)        Where: Art Center of Design         Team Size: 4            Role: UX Designer & Producer      


Description: This is the final project of Intro to Interaction Design. We are asked to design prototypes for '10 Minute Fitness' app in both iOS and Apple Watch platforms.  


General Brainstorming

Listed out thoughts on:

  • Goals

  • Target Audience

  • Scope/Features

  • Competitors

  • Similar Apps

  • Interview/Survey Questions


Research: Affinity Diagram
Research: survey

Questions asked:

  • Personal Info (age, gender, occupation)

  • Exercise Habits

  • Motivations for exercise

  • Personal exercise goals

  • App Habits (e.g. Do you use any apps to help you…?, How often do you download new apps?)

  • Wearable use


Survey Highlights: ​

  • 42 surveyed / 12 interviewed

  • Roughly 50% worked or attended classes more than 40 hours per week

  • Nearly 66% used Apple products primarily

  • About 50% currently use an app to track health or fitness, and 25% don’t currently use one but used to

  • Half of users have used a wearable or currently use one

  • 82% spend more than 30 minutes per workout

  • 41% are members of a gym or fitness program


Research: Competitive analysis
Structure Development: workout categories
Structure Development: Architecture Diagram
Structure Development: 
User flow
Structure Development: 
Interface Structure Brainstorm
sketches & wireframes
Branding: Logo & Color
Mobile Hi-Fidelity Mockups & Prototype
Apple watch Hi-Fidelity Mockups & Prototype





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